Failure | It is inevitable | So what do we do?

Updated: Jan 31

You will fail at some point in your life. You will loose, you probably will, one day. So what should we do at that point in time? Run from it or bravely accept it? It is a very difficult moment surely. You will embarrass yourself and there is no doubt about it, I’m telling you. The only few question remains at that point is ;

Is it a catastrophe like, bankruptcy, divorce or incarceration?
Are you in any condition or ability to face it or are you planning to run from it?

In a lot of situations, I will suggest to embrace it for failure is inevitable. I should know; I fail all the time. I remember giving up and running away once. I hide because I failed in my first business, second business. third business and eventually seventeen of them.

I feel embarrassed facing my friends, my family, in fact, anyone! I lost my money. I lost my car. I lost my house. I even lost my wife. I had nothing and owe everyone everything.

But here is the thing, I didn’t quit, I didn’t fall back nor give up. I went on to start the next company and the next company and the next company. I prayed and prayed and prayed, I continue to fail and to fail and to fail and eventually in my 2014 bankruptcy, I had to windup seventeen companies. Yet now, I am still running a cafe now. I am not proud of what I have done nor how I have faired in my results. The only take away from this is that despite strong urgent to give up, I continued. Despite everyone's rejection of me, I continued. Its not easy but I have to persevere.

Kids, I know you have the courage to be fierce, strong, courageous and determined to earn, to fight, to build, to seek new ways, but do you have the guts to fail, to be embarrassed and then continue from where you fail ? To fail and then to continue to pursue the path. The path of exercising your mind to excel in your work?

Because if you have the guts to fail and still continue to improve on what you do, one day and that one special day will come. You will succeed. succeed not in the ways that the movies portrait it. Succeed in a way that you have overcome your iniquities.

I have been there, so can you.

Your brother in crime, in Christ, in recovery,

Matthew Poh

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